10 Reasons your Daughter shouldn’t date us!

We’ve been out of Africa for a while now and as two not particularly eligible bachelors a few things have remained pretty clear – we really wouldn’t be good boyfriend material.

Why? Well, we picked up a few habits from our experiences travelling around Africa.

10 Reasons your Daughter shouldn’t Date Us.

1. If she thinks it’s cute, we’ve probably eaten it. Pets are a no go.

2. Taking her out for dinner will involve choosing something from the roadside. Like these.

3. She’ll never see 5 stars unless she’s outside sleeping under them.

4. We wear the same pair of pants for well over a week without a wash. Easily and often.

5. When faced with a serious situation we might break into laughter. We’ve been arrested in Africa.

6. We’ve handled a range of African toilets. Most with no paper.

7. At the dinner table we may eat with our fingers. It’s better.

8. We’ll often be late for things as we will haggle with as many cab drivers as necessary until we find a price we’re willing to pay.

9. She’ll have to get used to local men offering us other women like their daughters, sisters, strangers and sometimes even wives.

10. We may use sounds such as ‘Hsssssst’ to get her attention instead of saying excuse me.

11. We might try to call her once a month but it’ll be short and we’ll blame a bad connection.

Ok – so we lied. There’s more than 10 reasons your daughter shouldn’t date us but is anyone surprised?

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