So who are we and what makes us ‘Amateurs’?
In a nut shell we are two pretty average lads, both of whom currently lead incredibly unhealthy lifestyles with excessive drinking/partying, are ridiculously unfit, don’t really have much money, can’t speak other languages, haven’t booked anything, hate to spend a cent and don’t know anyone in Africa but we thought we would attempt to travel from Berlin to Cape Town, backpacking West Africa to get to the World Cup overland through deserts, jungle and whatever else is out there.

>>> Benny – Ben Lancaster 
Age: 23
Countries Backpacked: 51
Nationality: Australian
Quals: Bachelor Business – Marketing
Currently: Barkeeper – Berlin, Germany

1. Can Backpack.
2. Talking himself out of trouble.
3. Drinking Jagermeister & eating Doner Kebabs.

1. Prone to robberies with the count currently standing at 5 (make that now 6).
2. Breaking into laughter at inappropriate moments.
3. Complete lack of the French language.
4. Falling asleep anytime sitting anywhere.

Travel Highlights
– Sailing the Carribean from Panama to Columbia with a drunk Italian Chef and a Pinata.
– Held up at machine gun point by corrupt Mexican police when ordering a Taco.
– Vomiting on a packed Portuguese coastal tram over 3 passengers in 38 degree heat.
– Bear sprayed watching a Canadian street fight.

>>> Harty – Mitch Hart
Age: 23
Countries Backpacked: 45
Nationality: Australian
Quals: Bachelor of Law & Political Science
Currently: Studying – Berlin, Germany

1. Generally, has luck on his side.
2. Can stomach foods that shouldn’t be even looked at.
3. Forging a long term partnership with goon bags.

1. Dry reaching with almost any semi putrid smell.
2. Asking directions off locals on the street.
3. Becoming unreasonably frustrated when people say something factual incorrect.

Travel Highlights
– Woken up in a Train station by machine gun carrying Italian police waiting for an Olympic Event.
– The Great Wall of China one day Oktoberfest in Germany the next.
– Accidentally pulling a fire alarm in a nightclub in Canada with thousands evacuated.

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