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Posted on 11 May 2010 by Amateurs

Seeing we’re pretty much the only two guys backpacking West Africa to the World Cup – some people have actually asked us to write for them. Here some of the websites that you’ll find more tales of our travel exploits and plenty of other great African and travel related stories.

>>> African Photography
@Africa Lens – Telling the story of Africa today through pictures, the guys at Africa Lens asked us to get on board – So we did – check out our stories in pictures.

>>> Travel Websites
@Travel Dudes – One of the biggest travel sites in europe, these guys recruit travellers from all around the world to share their stories. It travel by travellers for travellers and when it comes to Africa – they asked us.

@Runaway Jane – She’s an epic travel writer from Edinborough and with a eye for adventure Jane asked us for tips on the most epic train ride in the world.

@Top backpacking destinations – Covering the world with backpacks, these guys know no limits to travel. A site such as this wouldn’t be complete without some of the best from the West!

@Travel with a mate – These guys know travel. They spend their days tracking down travellers from across the globe for their stories. We’d were only to happy to jump on board with our thoughts on Africa.

@Landlopers – Running with travel news, tips and reviews covering the travel world. As African border crossings have become our specialty we passed on our thoughts.

@Cumi & Ciki – Covering food across the globe these guys know a thing or two about fine cuisine. Naturally we shared some of the treats of Africa.

@Ytravel Blog – Scouering the globe for over a decade here’s a couple dedicated to everything travel. They asked for a few toughts on Africa – naturally we obliged.

@ One Travel – These guys not only specialise in travel Deals, but they run a travel blog as well, one in which they asked us to write.

>>> World Cup stories – Specialising in cheap tickets for air travel, these guys were after some World Cup stories. Enter the Amateurs on the long road there and back.

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