One of the most important parts of our trip is to raise awareness of various projects which are tackling issues in Africa, particularly those that don’t receive much or any media coverage.

What type of thing? Projects just like this, in Burkina Faso.


As we move through Africa we will continue to get involved with as many local projects as possible and let you know about various organisations, community groups and people doing amazing things within local African communities.

>>>> Campaigns we’ve got involved with
>>> Education
Preventing Child Labour – Think back to when you were 10 years old. One things almost certain, you weren’t raised in the harsh environment of an open cut mine. Check out the full story from the Ouagadougou granite mine and the project we visited which aims to protect children from this harsh environment and provide them with an opportunity to receive an education. It’s being run by Save the Children Canada and we’ve seen first hand the difference it’s making.

>>> Community Projects
Training and development – In Africa football is a way of life. At Keta FC they’re using the passion for the game on the field to prepare youngsters for a life off it.

Check out the full story of Keta Sandlanders FC and it’s work with young people and an entire community.

>>> Health
Mobile medicine – When we arrived in Togo there was something we’d never seen before. It was the Africa Mercy – It’s the largest non-governmental hospital ship in the world, we managed to get on board and saw first hand the amazing work that the guys from Mercy Ships are doing in some of Africa’s poorest countries in providing much needed medical assistance to those who can’t access or afford it.

This is how we saw things onboard, here’s the full story on the seas saving lives with Mercy Ships.

>>> Wildlife Conservation
Endangered Species – You’ve probably never heard of them, that’s because Drill monkeys are only found in a remote part of the world and they’re one of the most endangered primates on earth with only an estimated 3,500 left in the wild.

We dropped in on Pandrillus Ranch who are doing all they can to keep these guys alive. We not only filmed it, we spoke with the World’s leading Drill expert in the process. Check it out here and see how you can work with them!

>>> For all the information on the projects we’ve got involved with, please check out our hands on experiences.

>>>> Campaigns we’ve come across
>>>> Health
Malaria – The first issue that we’ve had to do something about and one which causes over a million deaths each year. Not sure what it is? We’ll let the experts explain here.

Luckily for us, on our African travels we’ve met a guy who’s totally committed to the tackling the issue. So much so, he’s riding from the UK to Cape Town to spread the message. He’s not only on an epic adventurer just like us, but he’s doing great work along the way and we reckon you should check out his site and show some support.

>>>> Education Programs
Street kids in Africa – Children fill the streets all around Senegal and the most helpful Senegalese guy we met just happened to be working for an organisation helping to do something about helping these kids out. To help break down barriers to education, check out Education without borders and support the work they are doing in Senegal.

>>>> Human Rights
Slavery in Africa – Slavery was only outlawed in Mauritania in 2007 and it’s estimated that 18% of adults are still in forced labour which is estimated to be the highest % of a population anywhere in the world. Click here to continue the campaign to condemn slavery to the past and you can do your bit to help local Mauritanian groups like SOS Esclaves.

>>>> Environment & Sustainability
Sustainable Tourism projects – The signs on the sides of the streets in The Gambia are very progressive, with information about waste management, AIDS and many other development issues. The Gambia has better infrastructure than the other African nations we’d come across so far and you can support the positive steps taken and help locals build upon this by following responsible and sustainable tourism projects, like those listed here.