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What’s this website all about?
We’re backpacking Africa to break down barriers, challenge misconceptions, find inspiring projects and to show you the real Africa.

The Challenge
With the World’s attention focused on the Football World Cup, our challenge is to help rectify the negative perceptions and misconceptions that exist about Africa and in particular West Africa. Many of which we have already encountered when discussing our plans with others, predominately around – racism and racial stereotypes, AIDS and the dangers of Africa.

This trip is about much more than going from one World Cup to another and over the course of our journey we will highlight just a few of the issues which are present in Africa. Germany and South Africa are worlds apart in almost every conceivable way, and after many travel adventures together, with people from all parts of the globe, it is time for us to find out what Africa is all about for ourselves.

The first Football World Cup to be hosted in South Africa presents an opportunity to showcase some of the most amazing parts of the world, not only in South Africa, but across the entire African continent. It also provides us with a chance to learn more about life in Africa and a chance to try and contribute something back to making life better for people in some of the poorest regions in the world.

Probably the most important part of our African adventures we will be in promoting organisations doing remarkable work taking on some of the biggest social, economic and environmental challenges facing the continent of Africa and asking you to support them make a difference in their local communities.

For those back in Australia and around the globe, Africa and in particular West Africa may seem a world away but we hope to provide understanding of the obstacles faced by many people in meeting their most basic of needs. We’ll also show you some of the friendliest people in the World along the way and what makes these people with so little smile so much and be so accommodating and open to foreigners like us.

We’re backpacking to break down barriers.

We don’t want to hide anything from working through the language difficulties we will face, the transport fiascos, the border control greasings, our African weight loss and the simple lack of the western comforts we have become accustomed to. We want to put it all out there, through our site for all to see – the ups, the downs and the run arounds.

Most of all we want to open minds to Africa and we hope to have as many people involved with us through viewing this site, sharing our links, commenting and if possible joining us somewhere on the road.

With that in mind, we are clearly going to have the time of our lives and we hope you’ll take the ride with us and if you have any questions check out the FAQ’s or please ask us a new one.